Continuation Review Of Tears In Heaven


haishangfanhuaAfter going through 18 episodes of “Tears In Heaven” starring Li Qin and Shawn Dou, I am liking the story more than when I first started watching. After Dr. Shao Zen Rong, Du Xiao Su’s fiance’s untimely death by landslide, the relationship/friendship between her and Lei Yu Zheng, Dr. Shao’s childhood best friend, is strenghtened. They’d started off on the wrong foot with each misunderstanding the other but as time gies on, they help each other heal from the loss of their fiance/best friend.

The turning point was when Yu Zheng accompanied Xiao Su to visit an orphanage school on an island which Dr. Shao had been sponsoring. There the icy Yu Zheng begins to thaw as he smiles a lot more than he did in the corporate world of Shanghai. Xiao Su begins to see a different side of Yu Zheng. Yu Zheng helps out a lot with the children and even goes on to sponsor the school once he returns to Shanghai. He buys them quilts, supplies, a generator from overseas and gradually earns the appreciation of Xiao Su.

Xiao Su has a flatmate named Si Qi who happens to be dating Yu Zheng’s PA. Si Qi is seriously materialistic as she coldly informs her boyfriend that she won’t marry him unless he has a flat. They have been dating for years and the hapless PA has been lavishing expensive gifts like clothe and bags on her. That doesn’t stop her from two-timing the poor chap with a suave financial advisor. No idea how the down-to-earth, unworldly Xiao Su can stand a friend as calculating as her and although Si Qi has a hand in sabotaging/embarassing Xiao Su at a corporate party, she doesn’t get angry with her at all.

Yu Zheng has a childhood friend, Fan Lu who has had a major crush on him since childhood. She is determined to marry him but of course love can’t be forced and Yu Zheng just treats her as a younger sister. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t get him to fall in love with her. Eventually she reluctantly accepts the marriage proposal from her father’s PA, the conniving Lin Xiang Yuan who is also responsible for sabotaging his ex-schoolmate, Xiao Su.

This drama is quite good because the viewer gets to see the gradual transformation of Yu Zheng who hardly smiled in the first few episodes to someone who smiles easily especially when he’s around Xiao Su. He helps out Xiao Su overtly and covertly. When she lands in trouble at the police station, he sweeps in there to rescue her with lawyer in tow. When she starts her own design studio, he sends one of his friends her way but without telling her that he helped her otherwise her pride will make her refuse the client.

Still have another 20+ episodes to go but at least this drama isn’t boring and doesn’t require much thinking. It’s pretty straightforward and cute as there’s a good chemistry between the leads.