Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & Photo Damage Corrector Revisited


The first time I used Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus was for 6 weeks between July-August 2010. Used primarily on the 2 major lines around my neck, I saw a significant reduction in the lower line within the 4th week of using the product. Until then, no neck creams had been of much avail. If anything, all they served to do was moisturise the neck area but in terms of decreasing the depth of the lines, nada. So, Repairwear Laser Focus had lived up to its claims of improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks, for me anyway.

Just a few drops of Repairwear Laser Focus is sufficient on the areas you want to treat. It has a rather runny texture and the dropper attached to the bottle’s cap dispenses the required dosage. Unlike a lot of other skincare products not specifically meant for the eye area, this one can be used around the eyes without causing any irritation. This is a product formulated to target wrinkles and improve skin’s elasticity.

Still, does lightning strike twice in the same spot? When I finished using the Repairwear Laser Focus, I didn’t immediately rush out to purchase another bottle although this was definitely a product I had an inclination to repurchase which is saying a lot since I don’t repurchase more than 50% of products I’ve tried. The reason I didn’t run off to the nearest Clinique counter when the last drop came out of the 1st bottle was because I was trying out a product from another brand which also claimed to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Left hand & wrist (before 2nd bottle)
Left hand & wrist (after 2nd bottle)

By the end of November, I couldn’t resist the compulsion to purchase another bottle of Repairwear Laser Focus any longer as the other product I was trying out wasn’t living up to its promise. Maybe I thought of Repairwear Laser Focus as an elixir the 1st time because it did for my neck what neck creams failed to do but would it work just as well again? Of course I didn’t have impossible expectations that a 2nd bottle would erase the lines around my neck completely, now that would be like asking to be 21 again.

1st November was the day I started on the 2nd bottle. I had a different strategy this time round. Sure, I’d still concentrate on those two embedded lines around my neck but this time, I was going to use it on the lines on my wrists as well as concentrate on the creases around the left collarbone, which were more unsightly and deeper than those around my right collarbone area.

Lines on collarbone (before 2nd bottle)
Lines on collarbone (after 2nd bottle)

It’s more than six weeks since I started on the 2nd bottle and the pictures will speak for the results. The “before” photos were taken after the 1st bottle was finished and way before I purchased the 2nd bottle. The “after” photos were taken after I’d used the 2nd bottle for six weeks. There isn’t the same dramatic result for the lines around my neck as when I used the 1st bottle. I can see that the lower line around my neck is quite faint but there is only a slight difference between the “before” and “after” photos of my neck.

While I felt that it hasn’t done as much for the lines around my neck as the 1st time I used the product, the lines around my left wrist and left collarbone are a different story altogether. Before I took the “after” shots, I hadn’t realised there was much change but I was quite startled to see the “after” photos as it’s evident there is a significant reduction in the lines around those two aforementioned areas.

Neck (before 2nd bottle)
Neck (after 2nd bottle)

Because I have not used the product on my face, I am unable to comment on whether it makes one’s face firmer. I used the 1st and 2nd bottle to treat my problem areas and only on those areas because I wanted to maximise the product. If I were to use the product on my face as well, I’d probably finish the bottle within a month. I am happy with what I see as my left hand was aging more than my right hand. The creases were always worse than the less apparent ones around the right collarbone. Now that they’ve been treated with Repairwear Laser Focus with positive results, I’m going to stick with this product. Although I was hoping that it’d do even more to decrease the lines around my neck, I didn’t feel that disappointed since the product worked well on other problem areas.

Repairwear Laser Focus (30ml) costs RM200.

Has anyone tried Repairwear Laser Focus and what changes did it bring about (if any) for you?