NEW Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm


dscn1855With the daily constant onslaught of pollution and irritants that can cause skin problems, we all need a good set of hydration skincare, regardless of what type of skin we have. With this in mind, Clinelle has formulated and introduced a range of skincare products called PureSwiss Hydracalm that can lock in moisture up to 72 hours. It is formulated with powerful 3x HydraCalm action, having a total of 6 SKUs that effectively restores skin health and penetrates deeper into the skin for longer lasting hydration.

This unique formulation has revolutionized the skincare frontier; using only Natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA) instead. It penetrates deeper into the skin, replenishes and locks in moisture up to 72 hours while it also maintains better skin health. Natural Hyaluronic Acid is mainly derived from a plant called Cassia Augustifolia that contains high molecular polysaccharides to attract and bind water. It is a perfect alternative to provide intense hydration to every layer of the skin. Having said that, Natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is botanical and therefore it is not harmful to the skin for long term use. In fact, it helps to restructure the skin barrier, forming a natural protective layer on skin to prevent moisture loss.

PureSwiss Hydracalm range:-

PureSwiss Caring Milk Cleanser 100ml/RM35.95

PureSwiss Hydracalm Cleansing Gel 100ml/RM35.95

PureSwiss Hydracalm Lotion 150ml/RM56.90

PureSwiss Hydracalm Serum 20ml/RM79.90

PureSwiss Hydracalm Cream 40ml/RM59.90

PureSwiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask 60ml/RM75.90

PureSwiss Hydracalm is formulated and manufactured in France with natural ingredients that deliver a new level of efficacy and safety. It is available at AEON Wellness/ Supermarket, Caring, Guardian, Watsons & selected independent pharmacies nationwide. Check out Clinelle website at