Classic European Facial At Estee Lauder Skincare Cabine


It’s been a while since my last facial and even longer since I last signed up for a facial package but when Estee Lauder at Isetan offered a “Buy 1 Free 1” promo (till 31st Dec), I couldn’t resist. This is one of the best value facials – these are the 3 facials at Estee Lauder Skincare Cabine:-

  • Classic European Facial featuring Skin Essential Skincare RM148
  • Classic European Facial featuring Re-Nutriv Skincare RM270
  • Luminising Facial RM178

I signed up for the Classic European Facial featuring Skin Essential Skincare so I paid RM148 for 2 facials, bargain! This isn’t the 1st time I’ve gone for an Estee Lauder facial as I signed up for their facial packages a few years ago at their Isetan, Gardens counter. I didn’t continue because the price increased quite a bit after I’d finished my last facial there.

Facials at Estee Lauder Skincare Cabines are for those who just want a basic facial without the frills. If you want extra pampering as in hand/shoulder massages, then you’d want to consider the Estee Lauder Skincare Centre on 2nd Floor of Metrojaya MidValley. The rooms there are more spacious and luxurious than at their Skincare Cabines.

The Estee Lauder Skincare Cabine is one of 8 facial rooms within Isetan KLCC. Other brands such as Clarins, Shiseido, Biotherm & Origins have their respective rooms. However, the beauty area doesn’t feel as upmarket as the one in Isetan Gardens even though these rooms just opened up for use a few months ago whereas the ones at Isetan Gardens have been around for a few years now.

My facial began with a thorough and comprehensive skin analysis at the counter. After determining what type my skin is and what my concerns are, the therapist recommended the skincare which would be used during my facial. It could be Hydrationist, Time Zone or in my case, Resilience Lift (love the scent!) so you get a personalised facial. The Classic European Facial focuses on deep cleansing.

Then I was led up to the 2nd Floor (the previous beauty hall at Isetan KLCC was much better for convenience as the facial rooms were located within the beauty hall then but now you have to go up 2 floors to get to the facial rooms) where The Estee Lauder Skincare Cabine is.

What I have always liked about Estee Lauder facials apart from the products is the fact that they have some unique gadgets like the steam machine dispenses scented steam, a suction vacuum that sucks away excess moisturiser after the massage and an antiseptic device that is used over a gauze after the extraction process.

To begin with, the therapist asked whether I’d like to have my eyebrows shaped. She said she’d be using tweezers and was concerned about my pain endurance, I gave her the go ahead. Then my face was cleansed with makeup remover and foaming cleanser. After the cleansing, my skin was exfoliated with the Perfectly Clean Fresh Balancing Exfoliator. A brush device was used during the exfoliation, it felt like a mini Clarisonic and felt really nice because my skin felt so clean afterwards.

The facial massage was with a thick layer of Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme, my favourite part of the facial as I love to breathe in the scent of this moisturiser and the creamy texture is so luxurious and pampering. All this while, the steamer was placed over my face.

The extraction is without any tools, just the therapist’s expert fingers. It didn’t hurt as much as if an extraction tool had been used and a tool would probably have caused more harm than good if used with too much force by the therapist.

Since my main skincare concern is lack of firmness and tone, the Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Mask was applied for 10 minutes. This is a creamy pink mask which has the same scent as the Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme. I was kind of tempted to purchase this mask (RM170) but at that kind of price, I have to be convinced it has positive effects. One try doesn’t do much to convince me to splurge on this one.

Overall, a very satisfying facial. I much prefer signing up for facial packages from counter brands as they don’t do as much hard-selling as salons and the service is just that much better as well. I would take up another “Buy 1, Free 1” Estee Lauder Skincare Cabine facial before the end of this year.