Clarins Introduces New Defining Eye Lift & Shaping Facial Lift Wrap



To complement Clarins’ bestselling Shaping Facial Lift, Clarins introduces the new Defining Eye Lift and reformulated Shaping Facial Lift Wrap. Most of us would like to have a slimmer face (in particular a V-shaped face) and bigger eyes.

Shaping Facial Lift is formulated with a blend of powerful plant extracts to eliminate excess fats and drain fluids to relieve puffiness. Defining Eye Lift & Shaping Facial Lift Wrap are the partners to Shaping Facial Lift, both products work to reduce puffiness in the eye and cheek area.

Defining Eye Lift

Clarins discovered that tissue around the eye area which is essential for supporting the eye and acting as a shock absorber is composed of 6 fatty pockets. The crescent-shaped pocket located under the eyebrow, three pockets on the top eyelid and three pockets on the bottom eyelid. These 6 fatty pockets are naturally larger in volume in Asians. When they are particularly large, the fold of the top eyelid is less visible and the eye appears more ‘closed’.

Many of us are plagued by eyelid puffiness and dark circles. Eyelid puffiness is caused by factors such as salty food, heat, fatigue, lying down at night which cause a slowing of the microcirculation and a temporary increase in the permeability of blood capillaries. The network of blood capillaries in the eyelid is particularly dense and a large amount of water can infiltrate into tissues, causing the formation of puffiness around the eye.

As for dark circles, Asian skin tends to have more melanic pigments. The higher amount of pigments, combined with an accumulation of pigments from the blood under the skin, causes the formation of dark circles.

Defining Eye Lift is a yellowish gel with key ingredients of caffeine, dextran sulfate, pine bark and concentrated rose water. A few minutes after I applied it to my eye contour area – I know this is a strange thing to say – my eyes felt light. Maybe it was the microcirculation and draining properties at work.

It comes with a specific application method inspired by the Manual Auto-Lifting Method developed by Jacques Courtin-Clarins, founder of Clarins:-

  • Just use the base of your palms perfectly cover the eyes and their contour.
  • The fingers then cover the forehead. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.

I didn’t wash or wipe off the product after 15 minutes. My under-eye area appeared less puffy. Defining Eye Lift is recommended for application morning and/or evening before any eye contour product. It retails at RM190/20ml.

Shaping Facial Lift Wrap

Ever since I tried the previous formulation, I have wanted to try the new version. It still feels like the same soft mousse texture. It claims to eliminate fluids in 10 minutes for an instant shaping effect.

I don’t think it was my imagination – I felt a slight warming effect as if there was microcirculation, same feeling as when my face is being massaged during a facial. My cheeks looked slightly red after the Shaping Facial Lift Wrap had been rinsed off.

My sample was only enough for 2 applications. That will hardly be enough to see any refining effects but it did have a very softening effect on my skin. Shaping Facial Lift Wrap retails at RM180/75ml.