Clarins HydraQuench Range



With Clarins’ HydraQuench serum and moisturisers specially reformulated for Asian skins, these are the 3 main products in Clarins’ HydraQuench range:-

(1) Intensive Serum Bi-Phase 30ml/RM200

(2) Cream-Melt (all skin types) 50ml/RM180

(3) Cream-Gel (normal to combination skin) 50ml/RM180

As we all know, it’s important to keep skin hydrated whether our skin is normal, dry, oily or combination to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming. Hydrated skin is also better able to absorb skincare.

The Intensive Serum Bi-Phase is a very lightweight and fluid serum (in fact, it appears quite watery) which has been formulated to penetrate into deeper skin layers. Apparently, it has improved hydration action at 4 levels – surface skin, corneal layer, epidermis and dermis.

It’s bi-phase to prevent the serum from evaporating, the oil layer being the anti-evaporation layer. The ratio of oil and water is 1/5 and 4/5 respectively. The bottle has to be wel shaken to combine the two. Easily absorbed, the serum prepares skin for the HydraQuench moisturiser of choice.

The key ingredients in the serum are low and high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid, Katafray extract, Inca peanut and Sorbier bud. I use 3 pumps of this serum for each application. It gives my skin an immediate soft and smooth sensation.

The HydraQuench Cream-Melt is for normal to dry skins. The texture is a little thick so not much is required for each application. It’s formulated with arctic cloudberry extract for strengthening the barrier function.

It contains the low and high hyaluronic acid molecular weights, katafray bark, sorbier bud and Clarins’ patented anti-pollution complex. Although creamy, it’s not sticky or unpleasant. It provides me with all the hydration I need throughout the day.

The Cream-Gel is my favourite product of the 3 but all I have is a sample. I love the gel texture and the fact that it gives a wonderful, cooling sensation as soon as it touches my skin. I could do with such a moisturiser on hot, humid days.

It contains pomegranate and alpine willow herb extracts to tighten pores, control sebum production and deliver a long-lasting matte effect. I like the scent of the Cream-Gel a lot more than the Cream-Melt. Apparently, the preference of Asians, especially Japanese has been taken into consideration when Clarins came up with the scent for the Cream-Gel.

The scent has green apple as its top note, gentle rose as its middle note and woody as its base note. It’s simply lovely and I wouldn’t mind having body wash/body lotion with that scent as well.

Which comes first?


The question is related to the usage procedure if you have more than one serum and/or using Clarins’ Shaping Facial Lift. There are several steps if you are using more than one Clarins serum.

(A)  1st step Shaping Facial Lift

       2nd step HydraQuench Serum

       3rd step Tightening Lift Botanical Serum

       4th step HydraQuench Cream-Melt or Cream-Gel

(B)  1st step  Shaping Facial Lift

       2nd step Multi-Action Renewal or White Plus HP Serum

       3rd step HydraQuench Serum

       4th step HydraQuench Cream-Melt or Cream-Gel

Note : The HydraQuench Serum and Cream-Melt have been provided by PR for review.