Clarins Blush Prodige In 02 Soft Peach


Clarins’ Neo Pastels Collection launched early this year had some fabulous looking blushers, shades ranging from the lightest pink to peach to brown. They came in heavy, golden cases enveloped in what has become Clarins’ trademark luxurious red pouches.  Tres chic, non?

It wasn’t just the packaging that made my jaw drop – the design of the blushers was something different from the norm. Ordinarily, I find Clarins makeup quite unexciting and uninspiring. I guess it was the complementary shades in the pan that tempted me.

There are 2 matte shades(lighter colours) for sculpting and 2 iridiscent shades (darker colours) for highlighting, There is more of the matte shade than the iridiscent shade. Combined, the colours work to illuminate the complexion and enhance skin’s radiance.

If I just used the matte portion of the blush, it goes on very sheer and imparts a soft glow to my cheeks. The powder is fine and pigments are not so strong as to accentuate the pores. It’s a barely there peach which is buildable for greater intensity but I wouldn’t overdo it as I prefer a natural finish.

When I swirl both parts together (matte + iridiscent), it can go on rather strong and becomes a warm peach colour. I have to go easy on the iridiscent shade otherwise the colour will be too warm on my cheeks. There isn’t a lot of shimmer which is a good thing. I don’t use the brush which is included because it isn’t very good for picking up the blush.

I didn’t try it on my cheeks before purchasing this blusher. It’s hard to find nice, soft peach shades which I know instinctively will work on me. This is one purchase I don’t regret and the only negative thing I have to say is that the casing is a fingerprint magnet.

Elegant and sophisticated as the packaging is, I have to be very careful not to leave fingerprint marks all over. The plus point about the packaging is that the cover doubles up as a mirror!

There’s a lot of product (7.5g) for RM105, a worthwhile buy for the quality & quantity. There are 5 other colours in the Blush Prodige range:-

(1) 01 Lovely Rose

(2) 03 Miami Pink

(3) 04 Sweet Coral

(4) 05 Rosewood

(5) 06 Spiced Mocha