Clarins The Art Of Touch



It’s been 60 years since the Clarins Touch started in 1954 where Mr. Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened his first institute in Rue Tronchet, Paris. There, he taught his physiotherapists and beauty therapists his exclusive new massage method which would revolutionize the traditional body treatments and later, face treatments too. Throughout the years, it has led to the development of massage protocols that are more pertinent and tailored than ever.

In celebration of Clarins’ 60th anniversary, Clarins have chosen to pay tribute to the Touch through a new face and body treatment called The Art of Touch. The Art of Touch exerts expertise and professionalism combining with exclusive manual techniques and innovative products especially for the Clarins 60th Anniversary and is the first Clarins treatment for both face and body.


Recognising that the sense of touch is the 1st sense to develop in humans, Clarins The Art Of Touch is a holistic treatment from top-to-toe as it treats the face and entire body. It’s intended to energize, tone, contour, firm and regenerate face and body, add radiance, hydrate and rest skin. The massage movements relax and release tension.

Lymphatic drainage massage movements are administered during The Art Of Touch. This new treatment is combined with a new concept, new treatment protocol and a new ClarinsPRO formula. A unique treatment combines with the quintessence of Clarins techniques and products in a complete rebalancing menu for the face and body. Three steps contributes to the new treatment dedicated to three energetic touch techniques- relaxes, revitalizes and regenerates from head to toe. The new ClarinsPRO formula is a pure delectable butter texture to be mixed Treatment Waters and ClarinsPRO Supplements that melts immediately on contact with the skin.

clarins treatment waters

There are 2 types of treatment waters:-

Eau Ressourçante Serenity, Freshness, Balance Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily (blue bottle)

Clarins brings your world into beautiful balance with an aromatic caress of soothing, pure plant extracts. Essential oils of Basil, Iris, Cedarwood and Sarsparilla promote a feeling of total relaxation while locking in a delicate veil of scented moisture.

Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance Vitality, Freshness, Firmness Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily (red bottle)

The first fragrance and body treatment in one spa-fresh formula. This invigorating aroma for women and men, moisturises, firms and tones with essential oils of Lemon, Patchouli, Petit Grain, Ginseng and White Tea.

Before the treatment, the customer will be asked to sniff both treatment waters to determine which one she likes best and that will be used during The Art Of Touch. I preferred the Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance Vitality, perhaps because it has a citrus scent.


There are 3 key steps in Clarins The Art Of Touch

A three-step experience brings together the very best of massage and skin care. Three steps dedicated to three energetic touch techniques includes:

Step 1: Balancing Touch

The Balancing Touch creates a sense of trust before relaxation and total calmness take hold. The Beauty Therapists hands are reassuringly placed on the key areas of the face and body creating a feeling of serenity. This step stimulates deep breathing and regulates blood flow – it’s a calming and soothing step.

Step 2: Stimulating Touch

The Stimulating Touch encourages energy to flow freely through the body. Inspired by the rhythmical movement of shen shiatsu, the Beauty Therapist progressively applies pressure along the energy lines with her palms and thumbs. The energies are then channeled to the center of the body and harmoniously distributed to the extremities. Lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage is administered.

Step 3: Enveloping Touch

The Enveloping Touch is devoted to the entire body and face. It represents the intense and stunning conclusion of the treatment, drawing on an exclusive and targeted selection of Clarins products of excellence. In this step, areas of tensions are relieved and the body gradually melts into absolute well-being. During the pressure point massage, muscles are stretched and circular motion massage applied.

clarins butter

Introducing the new ClarinsPRO formula- Pure-Melt Massage Body Butter. A pure butter texture that melts immediately on contact with the skin. This unique texture sublimating the Clarins power of Touch allowing both deep, wide and long movements. Mixed with Treatment Waters and 3 types of ClarinsPRO Supplements for hydrating, firming, toning and contouring, enriched with essential oils and plant extracts, it perfumes, uplifts, relaxes, resources body and mind. The Pure-Melt Massage Body Butter is luxurious indeed as it contains 3 textures in 1 – shea butter, carnauba wax and coconut oil/organic sunflower oil.

On application, The Pure-Melt Massage Body Butter glides on the skin easily, sustaining its form and hold to ensure perfect application. With massage, on contact with the skin’s warmth, the gel melts into an ultra-fine oil perfect for massage. Massaging with Pure-Melt Massage Body Butter helps reduce fatty tissues but I guess it has to be regular massage with the Pure-Melt Massage Body Butter to achieve those results.

after the art of touch

While most (if not all) Clarins facials are an hour in duration, The Art Of Touch is an hour and a half long. I think that it focuses more on the body than the face. The face is cleansed and massaged, a mask applied but there time spent on the face won’t be as concentrated as in one of their regular facials. It suffices if all you want is a basic facial with more of a focus on body massage which I have to say was very good because of all the different steps and the products used are top quality of course. One will feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated after Clarins The Art Of Touch. In fact, you might even want the whole procedure to be extended to 2 hours. It’s a very pampering experience and you will be enveloped in the wonderful scents of the Treatment Waters which is liberally sprayed around you (it lasts for quite a while!) and the Pure-Melt Massage Body Butter which does marvels for hydrating and toning skin.

Created for the ultimate relaxation, The Art of Touch, made of up three steps is dedicated to relax, revitalize and regenerate from head to toe.

Priced at RM398 (90 minutes)

Thanks to Clarins Malaysia for inviting me to experience The Art Of Touch.