B&B Labs Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program



I am sure everyone is familiar with Beaubelle especially regular salon visitors. A few months ago, Beaubelle announced the launch od B&B Labs, an advanced luxury skincare brand and Science Series, the inaugural range featuring ingredients native to Asia.

The revolutionary products from Science Series and B&B Labs revolve around a collection of innovative serums to treat specific ski types. There are potent essences from ingredients from Asian plants such as Japanese green tea leaves, green peas, Javanese coffee beans, lingzhi and even durian.


Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program is one of the products in B&B Labs’ Science Series range. This skincare program comes as a kit inclusive of 2 products, Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Serum and Carboxymatrine Oxygen Induction Mask.

Cutting-edge skin rejuvenation program inspired by the Bohr Effect – hemoglobin’s oxygen binding affinity is inversely related to acidity and to the concentration of carbon dioxide. Carboxymatrine Oxygen Induction Mask, rich in niacinamide, acetyl glucosamine and betaine introduces carbon dioxide to the skin to increase oxygen absorption to the lower dermal layer on a time-release basis. The Bohr Effect provides oxygenation, super anti-wrinkle and instant firming results.


The Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Serum revitalizes all skin types with phytopeptides extracted from Japanese green tea leaves, green peas and Javanese coffee beans. The serum also includes muscle-relaxing neuropeptides to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A special concoction of stem cells from Asian lotus and orchid flowers, rice and grapes is added to rejuvenate the skin. The latest super anti-aging ingredient, rose placenta is featured in this product.

The serum is focused on rejuvenating devitalized skin with wrinkles and scars by improving micro-circulation for highly effective wound healing, enhancing collagen production and maximizing anti-oxidation and has anti-inflammatory benefits.


B&B Labs Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program consists of 4 sachets

There’re 4 x 30ml sachets of the Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program which is a lot! Within each sachet of blue gel is a small sachet of powder in a separate compartment. The white powder is mixed with the gel and combined, these provide oxygen to skin.

It was a bit messy getting all the gel out – you can either mix it all together in a small bowl or within the sachet itself but the latter can be seriously messy because it’s hard to get all the mask out with fingers. The mask is rather runny and I could feel it coming down over my eyes and nose so it’s really best to lie down when the mask has been applied for 15-20 minutes.

After the mask has been rinsed off, apply the serum which has a velvety feel, My skin looked clearer, more supple and was a lot smoother and hydrated. This Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program is good for restoring hydration and radiance to skin.

B&B Labs Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program is priced at RM350 a set and includes 4 sachets of the mask + a 5ml tube of serum. The Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Serum can be purchased separately at RM280 for a pack of 3 x 5ml. Products can be purchased at all B&B Labs dealers or authorized Beaubelle dealers.

Product reviewed is a press sample.