Claire Organics Handmade Guinness Stout Soap



I haven’t used that many handmade soaps but I like them as they are milder than commercial soaps and generally have a very natural scent. However, handmade soaps are an indulgence due to their price and I am glad I don’t have sensitive skin or skin problems such as eczema as I’d have to pay a lot more for my day-to-day soaps. Of course even if one doesn’t have sensitive skin, there are plenty of benefits to using handmade soaps such as keeping your skin soft and they are not as harsh to skin.

It was nice to find this piece of Claire Organics Handmade Guinness Stout Soap in this month’s MIVVA beauty box. It’s good that MIVVA always tries to introduce new brands in their beauty boxes because one can so easily get tired of seeing the same brands repeated in other beauty boxes.



Since I received this handmade soap quite early on in the month, I didn’t start using it until 22nd May as the product description stated that it was freshly made and needed a curing period and it was recommended that the soap be used after 20th May.

I like the scent which doesn’t really smell of Guinness Stout but very lovely nevertheless. The softness of the foam on my skin was also another big plus point. I’m not sure how many grams this piece of soap is – I forgot to weigh it – but by the 2nd day of usage, it had begun to flatten and by the 4th day of usage, it’d softened and reduced in size considerably. It lasts about 5-6 days with regular usage, I’ve used it to bathe and wash my hands.

The other variants available are Mulberry Yogurt Soap, Aloe Vera Shea Butter Soap, Rose Hips Soap with Osmanthus, Evening Primrose Soap with Golden Jojoba and Calendula Soy Milk Baby Soap. Prices vary between RM16-22 for 100g.