Caught Between Two Royal Brothers : The Promise Of Chang’an


untitledSo many new Korean/Chinese dramas and so little time! I just found a new Chinese drama “The Promise Of Chang’an” which I have watched 8 episodes of. In the state of Sheng, the Xiao family rules supreme. The King of Sheng has several sons, his favourite is his 9th son, Xiao Cheng Xu who is just a teenager in the first few episodes. He truly loves his parents and doesn’t have aspirations to be the heir whereas his older brothers, in particular 3rd, 4th and 5th brothers are the most scheming and plotting for power.

He Lan Ming Yu is the bright, feisty, brave, outspoken and vivacious granddaughter of the ruler of another state. She meets and falls in love with Cheng Xu. I like the actress who plays Ming Yu because she doesn’t look as anorexic as the majority of Chinese actresses in other dramas. At least the actress who plays Ming Yu looks like she eats 3 square meals a day unlike other actresses who look like they are on a water diet.

The old King of Sheng, Cheng Xu’s father dies of poisoning and although he informed Cheng Xu’s mother about his intention to proclaim Cheng Xu as the next King of Sheng, he doesn’t have the energy to write this down so the only person who knows that Cheng Xu has been chosen as the next King of Sheng is Cheng Xu’s mother who actually would prefer Cheng Xu not to be the next King as she knows his older brothers will be out to get him once they know he’s the Chosen One.

Cheng Xu’s mother informs 3rd Prince, Xiao Cheng Rui that Cheng Xu has been chosen by his father as the next King but she wants Cheng Rui to know that if Cheng Rui wants to be King, she will pretend she never heard of the dead King’s wish and allow Cheng Rui to ascend to the throne. All she wants is to keep her son alive. 2nd, 3es, 4th and 5th Prince conspire to bar Cheng Xu and his younger brother from entering the palace and gang up on Cheng Xu’s mother, forcing her to commit suicide to accompany the dead King in the afterlife. Cheng Xu’s mother does as asked in return for 3rd Prince’s promise that he will never harm her 2 sons.

Of course Cheng Xu and his brother are devastated when they arrive too late to find that their mother has hanged herself. They try to uncover the truth behind her death but are unable to find any evidence to prove that she was forced to commit suicide. Cheng Xu and his brother have no choice but to swear allegiance and loyalty to Cheng Rui once he becomes King with the support of the other brothers.

Over the next 2 years. Cheng Xu and Ming Yu develop a deep love. Cheg Xu wants to earn brownie points in the battlefield before marrying Ming Yu once the mourning period of 3 years for his parents has passed/ Unfortunately due to the machinations of 4th Prince. Cheng Xu goes missing during a battle. Ming Yu and everyone else thinks he is dead. King Cheng Rui has taken a fancy to Ming Yu and wants to take her as a concubine. Ming Yu is forced into a corner as she wants to save Cheng Xu’s brother who deserted his post in the army and is facing beheading. The only way to save him is to marry Cheng Rui so that there will be a royal pardon for prisoners due to the marriage.

More to come…..very interesting so far.