Burger Siam From myBurgerLab Made Me Want To Order Another One


dsc_9399It may look like a rather plain burger but last night I had the most perfect burger I’ve had in a long time. Everything came together so well. It’s none other than myBurgerLab’s Burger Siam. Served with a perfectly fried Chicken Thigh, dressed with their Kelantanese Budu Mayo and paired with a delicious Garden Salad with Arugula, Red and Green Coral, Onions and crushed Peanuts, it comes with their in-house Yuzu Vinaigrette dressing.

You can choose to eat the Garden Salad separately but I added the salad to the burger. The chicken thigh is crunchy on the outside and so moist on the inside. The Budu Mayo was so awesome, it had sour and spicy notes which blended with the Yuzu Vinaigrette. The onions and crushed peanuts were like the icing on the cake. I wouldn’t mind ordering another one tonight, it is THAT good.