Burberry Fresh Glow For All-Over Radiance


Burberry Liquid Foundations (12 shades) & their 1 universal shade of Fresh Glow come in bottles which are worth their weight in Ringgit or should I say Sterling since this is a British brand and the Sterling is worth a lot more than our currency. They look and feel good but aren’t exactly travel-friendly as they add considerably to the weight of hand/check-in luggage.

Fresh Glow is Burberry’s face primer for radiance and a dewy finish. You can create a less sheer look by adding less Fresh Glow to liquid foundation and equal portions if you’d like a more sheer look. The best way to add Fresh Glow to foundation is by using a face brush. There are 3 recommended ways to apply Fresh Glow:-

  • before liquid foundation
  • mixed with liquid foundation
  • applied after liquid foundation

It doesn’t matter when you apply as the effect’s the same but I guess as a matter of convenience, most would apply it before or mixed with liquid foundation. Applying it after liquid foundation is like an after thought but perhaps you feel you need a boost of radiance after you’ve applied liquid foundation and that’s when Fresh Glow can be added on with a brush on top of liquid foundation.

It has a pinkish tone which should be quite flattering on most skin tones especially fairer complexions. I haven’t seen it used on darker skin tones yet so I can’t really comment or confirm whether it’ll suit all skin tones although I have been informed that itr does.

What it gives is a glow-from-within kind of radiance without the shimmer. It has moisturizing properties as it contains wild rose extract so this is a primer with skincare benefits. My skin can definitely benefit from this kind of product as it needs all the hydration it can get.

On the right side of my face, I’ve applied Fresh Glow + liquid foundation while on the left side, I’ve only applied liquid foundation. The right side appears brighter and more luminous so Fresh Glow does give skin a more healthy appearance.

Fresh Glow retails at RM165/30ml.

Note : Fresh Glow was provided by PR for review.