Breast Cancer Awareness & Fund Raising Event At Poise Organic Wellness Studio



A couple of days before Poise Organic Wellness Studio’s Breast Cancer Awareness & Fund Raising Event on 18th April, I received a call from Gillian, co-owner of Poise, inviting me to attend. When I arrived shortly after 5pm, there were already quite a number of guests and it was nice to see a fair number of men support this worthy event.

To kick-start the event, there was a group belly dancing session led by Alex Ma, who teaches belly dancing at Poise. He made the steps look easy but you’ve actually got to be pretty flexible in order to move about gracefully. When he performed his solo dance routine, it was beautiful. I was amazed at his fluid moves as it was like poetry in motion.

The main speaker at this event was Dr. Felicia Chang Chui Fun who is a Palliative Care Physician. Her professional background includes working with the Ministry of Health from 2000 – 2004. Seeing a need in Palliative Care, Dr. Felicia joined Hospice Malaysia (Non Governmental Organization) from 2005 and has been with Hospice since.

Dr. Felicia has over 9 years experience in Palliative Care, which requires
her to attend to patients with life limiting illnesses and to ensure that
they are comfortable at the end of life. Examples of these illnesses are
Advanced Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Nervous System Disorders, and Congenital Diseases.

When the need arise, she multitasks as a HIV/AIDS counselor and Grief and Bereavement counselor. She is also a Clinician, Trainer, Out-campus lecturer for various local university and colleges, and a part-time researcher.

This event was held to raise funds for Dr. Felicia’s friend, Miss Ng who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Dr. Felicia’s talk was on “How well do you know your breast”? She stressed the importance of detecting cancer at an early stage and advised self breast examination on a daily basis while in the shower.

Regretfully, I was very much under the weather on that day and couldn’t stay for the entire event but I understand the event was a great success and they managed to raise more than RM23,000 for Miss Ng.

I wish Miss Ng a speedy recovery and may she find the strength she’ll need to get through the chemotherapy treatments. Miss Ng was too ill to attend this event, let’s all send our very best wishes to her. For more details and photos on this event, do check out Poise’s facebook page.