Brazilian Waxing At Fabulous Tan


Although I knew of the existence of Fabulous Tan at Mid Valley Megamall, I had no idea they offered waxing services until I spotted the Groupon deal. I purchased this deal months ago and only used it recently. I had my initial reservations about a tanning salon offering waxing services but surely it couldn’t be that bad?

When I went in for my appointment, I was asked whether I had their membership carrd. No, I didn’t since it was my 1st visit there. The therapist led me to the shower cubicle which is around the corner from the waxing room. I had to wash myself there prior to entering the waxing room as they don’t offer hygienic wipes like the other waxing salons I have been to, e.g. Strip Ministry of Waxing, Apronbay and Honeypot.

It is rather inconvenient to have to wash off in the shower and then to have to put on one’s clothes again or a towel to run to the waxing room which is located in a position where passers-by can have a glimpse of. I think that wipes would have been a good idea just like what the waxing specialists abovementioned provide.

Fabulous Tan uses 2 types of wax : soft honey wax and hard wax from Australia. I could tell that my therapist was experienced (she has 3 years’ work experience at Fabulous Tan). She used the soft honey wax on me which was never too hot during the session.

There was no double dipping, white adhesive strips were used to strip off the hair once the wax had been applied. It was all done quickly, efficiently and relatively pain-free save for when tweezers were employed at the end of the session but that just felt like pin pricks. Moisturiser was applied constantly and liberally.

Tools of the trade:-

Best of all, there was absolutely no hard-selling throughout and by that I mean before, during and after the session. Would I go back again? Definitely especially since I have a 50% discount off my next session (normal price RM102).