Bijan Hari Raya Open House



Nothing could have kept me away from Bijan Hari Raya Open House last week. Not rain, sleet, snow, hail, thunder and lightning….I was already counting the days to my 2nd visit as I enjoyed my 1st visit so much. I had a hunch this would be a dinner buffet and that meant indulging in Bijan’s best fare. Bijan buffets are only available once a year during Ramadhan and this Open House buffet was specially for media and guests.

Bijan is fine dining but there is nothing stuffy about the ambiance thanks largely to the warm welcomes I receive there. The people behind Bijan and the wait staff are genuinely nice and it’s almost like visiting someone’s house as I am always encouraged to eat more there!


Daging Bungkus Kukus (delicate parcel of steamed minced meat & herbs wrapped within a layer of pancake & coconut gravy) is one of Bijan’s specialties and bestsellers. Once you try one, you won’t stop at just one!


The “Opor Rusuk” or stewed beef ribs in spices, the sauce goes so well with the “nasi minyak” that I think I overdid it and filled myself up with more plates of rice than I should have so I couldn’t indulge more in other dishes. The beef is ultra tender and reliving the memory now makes me want to run back there for dinner tonight.


I had more than my fair share of the “nasi minyak” because the “opor rusuk” sauce was too awesome.


Even true blue carnivores will love Bijan’s “pucuk paku tahi minyak”.


Seafood lovers will have heart palpitations when they see “sotong sambal hijau.”


Another dish that I couldn’t get enough of was “ikan siakap sos asam”, the slightly sourish taste activated my taste buds and I fell in love with this dish.


Everyone MUST have Bjan’s famous and delectable chocolate durian cake, it’s the best as it is so rich and you can seriously taste the top quality durian in every bite!


This is my favourite Bijan dessert – mango cheesecake. I didn’t count how many I had but let’s just say it was between 5 and 10 pieces. It isn’t too sweet and the mango taste is so evident in this soft and fluffy concoction. It’s so good that I wish I had the recipe.

Thanks to Bijan for one of the best buffet dinners I’ve had this year. For more info on Bijan, visit their website.