The Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil To Remove Makeup


dsc_2031When I purchased this bottle of virgin coconut oil, the intention was to use it on my dry hair but I found it too oily and my hair looked limp after applying the oil. I hadn’t touched the oil for over a year. Then I ran out of makeup remover for my eye makeup and I remembered that I had read somewhere that coconut oil could be used as a makeup remover.

I poured a bit on to a cotton pad and other than having cloudy vision for a few seconds, I can find no downsides to using coconut oil to remove makeup. My skin looks very dewy and hydrated after using coconut oil all over my face. It also hydrates my lashes. This method is also quite economical and as natural as skincare can get. Highly recommend using coconut oil as makeup remover. Smells so good too!