Artistry Youth Xtend Serum Concentrate



It seems that lately every local magazine I open has an Artistry Youth Xtend advertisement so I guess I’d better get on with the Serum Concentrate review since I have used up every drop of it. It comes in a pump bottle and you can see how much is left in it as you are using it from day to day.

To reiterate, the Youth Xtend range addresses the first signs of aging, benefits include reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and greater skin radiance and clarity. The key ingredient is LifeSirt, a rare botanical from the Mediterranean Myrtle plant.


This serum is very fluid and runny with a mild botanical scent. I need about 2 pumps for my face, neck and I have also been applying it to my knuckles because there are fine lines on the 4th finger of my left hand.


aftSince I only have the Serum Concentrate, I acknowledge that I may not see a marked improvement in the appearance of fine lines as I don’t have the full range of Youth Xtend. To my surprise, the Serum Concentrate only lasted 2 weeks. I can’t believe I have used it up that quickly even though I have been using just 2 pumps per application twice a day.

Fine lines aside (sometimes that takes months to see any positive results), I have woken up to clearer and smoother skin. However as the Serum Concentrate has lasted me just a fortnight, I think it is rather pricey to continue using this product.

Please refer to my earlier post for Youth Xtend prices.

Product was a press sample.