Anmum Materna the First To Introduce No Added Sugars, Low In Fat And Probiotic DR10 Formulation

Anmum Materna comes in a pack of seven sticks of 36g (plain flavour) and 42g (chocolate flavour)
Anmum Materna comes in a pack of seven sticks of 36g (plain flavour) and 42g (chocolate flavour)

Every pregnant woman experiences vast changes to her body during the course of her pregnancy. While the mother adapts physiologically to sustain a life within her, her child goes through astounding growth from a cluster of cells to an amazing baby with beating heart, facial features and kicking legs – all in a span of 40 weeks.

One of the most obvious changes in a pregnant woman is weight gain, which comes mainly from the phenomenal increase in the volume of body fluid to protect the baby in her womb. A healthy weight woman puts on an average of 11.5 to 16kg during pregnancy. Besides the weight of the baby, she gains weight from the increase of blood, about 30% to 50% or 1.5 to 2 litres more to transport oxygen and nutrients to her developing baby.

That's how much extra blood in a pregnant woman
That’s how much extra blood in a pregnant woman
Different sizes of a developing baby
Different sizes of a developing baby

Within her womb, the baby is developing astoundingly. At 4 weeks, the little one has transformed from a group of cells into an embryo, which is the size of a poppy seed – 10,000 times bigger than the size at contraception. At the same time, her three primary brain parts are formed. By week 6-7, her heart starts beating at a regular rhythm, which is twice faster than an adult. She can even feel touches by week 8.

Fast forward to week 10, her facial features become more distinct and can have different facial expressions and even smile in the following week. By week 26, the baby’s unique fingerprints have developed. Around 4-5 months, her heart pumps more than 28 litres of blood a day.

Understanding that pregnancy is one of the most remarkable changes that both mother and her developing baby will go through, leading pre-natal milk brand Anmum Materna introduced a newly improved formula to provide the nutrients that support both mums and their developing babies need in going through these changes.

Anmum Materna is the first to launch a No Added Sugars (plain variant) and Low in Fat formulation with added benefit from 100% Folate and Calcium and Probitic DR10 to support the nutritional intake of expecting mothers and their developing babies.

Busy and active mothers will also appreciate the new stick packs, allowing them to have a glass of Anmum Materna wherever they go.Anmum Materna comes in a pack of seven sticks of 36g (plain flavour) and 42g (chocolate flavour). Each pack is priced at RM19.90.

Other than the new stick packaging, there is also the bag-in-box variant for consumption at home in plain and chocolate flavours, Each pack retails at RM42.00.

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