An Introduction To ORIKS : The Skincare



ORIKS is famous for their BB Creams but they also have a wide variety of skincare products for every skin type. Their bestseller is the Prestige Onsen Steam Cream which has been acclaimed by British Media [Wonder Cream], Korean Media [Youth Cream] and Taiwanese Media [Tightening Cream].

The Steam Cream is a multi-functional cream that has lentil extract for tightening and firming and hydrolyzed myrtle extract for anti-aging, reducing wrinkles, moisturizing, hydrating, repairing, promoting elasticity, maintaining oil and water balance and removing dead skin cells. It has a jasmine scent and apparently the scent is comparable to the well known Lanvin Marry Me fragrance! It’s recommended for usage around the eyes, forehead, corners of mouth, neck, cheeks and chin.


Steam Cream RM438 (April promo price RM318)

There are some masks which are retailing at RM11.90 each or 5 packs for RM38. There’s Pink Clay Brightening Mask, Pure Pearl Mask XO, Pore Tightening Pack, Ripe Persimmon Brightening Pack and Refresh Aloe Mask. Each pack can be used three times but keep it sealed tightly after opening so they won’t dry up.



Callicos is their pore tightening range – there’s Pore Tightening Facial Foam, Pore Effect Tonic Water, Pore Effect Tightening Cream, Pore Effect Concentrating Serum and Facial Sebum Control Mist. 


Callicos Pore Tightening Series

An interesting product is this device for ensuring skincare penetrates better into skin. It’s rather similiar to Laneige’s Perfect Pro Kit which can also be used for skincare. ORIKS calls theirs “The Secret Of Artist Finish” and it retails at RM218. This box also comes with refill puffs and there’s a Hello Kitty version too which is not for sale. ORIKS has it in limited supply and gives it as a GWP for purchases above RM500.


The Secret Of Artist Finish Kit


Hello Kitty The Secret Of Artist Finish 

If they sold the Hello Kitty version at RM218, I’m quite sure I would have taken it home without any hesitation. They didn’t have any Hello Kitty Kits open for viewing but just looking at the box tells me that I’d have loved the contents!


    • I wish I could have a look at the Hello Kitty set but too bad none of the boxes were open. Yes, I have been a HK fan since I was very young.