Seche Collage Overlay



Seche is well known for its non-yellowing, dry fast top coat as well as nail treatments such as their French Manicure Kit and base coat. They even have a thinner called Seche Restore® which is the only thinner to thin a bottle of Seche Vite™ to its original consistency. It replaces ingredients which have evaporated from the bottle.

Seche Collage Overlay is a clear polish with silver and white hexagonal strips and thin/tiny silver slivers. You can use it on its own but it’s much nicer when used on top of any nail polish as it adds an extra dimension and totally changes the appearance of your nail polish.


As the clear polish is quite thick, it is a little difficult to get the collages on to the brush. Actually, it was harder getting the bigger white hexagonal collages on to my nails than the silver ones. There’s no chance of fall-out once it’s applied on to my nails, they cling hard even when I have removed my base nail polish colour. I remove them by using one of my nails to wedge them out which doesn’t take long.

Seche Collage Overlay retails at RM42/14ml.

Product has been provided by Newage Sdn Bhd for review.