Garnier Pure 3 In 1 Cleanser



Garnier has some good products targeted at oily skin concerns such as the PureActive and AcnoFight ranges. Their 3 In 1 Cleanser is a multi-purpose product which can be used as a cleanser, scrub and mask. There was an earlier review by Camie who has oily skin.

This cleanser is formulated with ingredients known for their anti-bacterial properties and healing powers – White Clay, Zinc, Pumice Stone, Smithsonite (no relation to Kryptonite, I presume?) and Salicylic Acid. So this is a cleanser designed to deep cleanse oily skin and unclog pores.


P1180958(1)It feels gritty because of the Pumice Stone. I like the creamy texture and it feels like it’s giving my skin deep cleansing. When it’s near my mouth, it tastes a little like mint. Although it doesn’t state that it removes make-up, it removed all my foundation/powder/blush leaving no trace. However, as this cleanser is meant for oily skins, it did leave my skin feeling a bit dry although not uncomfortably tight.

It’s a good product for travelling as you don’t need to bring along a separate scrub. Retails at RM19.90/150ml.

Product was provided by Garnier Malaysia for review.