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Nothing like a getaway to refresh the mind and body especially now when most big cities/towns in Malaysia are facing the haze every day. It’s become so bad that I remain indoors as much as possible. Kaohsiung is located in the south-west of Taiwan and is the island republic’s second largest city. There are many attractions in Kaohsiung and you could spend more than a week there and still find you need more time to wander around.


I have an Air Asia Complimentary Flight Voucher To Kaohsiung for one (1) winner valid till 31st Jan 2016. If you’d like to participate, please complete the sentence below ((follow the words exactly as you see them):-

“I’d like to visit Kaohsiung because……..”

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2. Giveaway ends Wednesday 2nd September 2015.                     .

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Updated 3rd September 2015

Winner of this Giveaway:-

Princess Neverland


  1. I’d like to visit Kaohsiung because I’ve always fascinated by this heritage rich capital, its all-round adventure landscape, diverse folk traditions and feted night market scene. Being the second largest city and largest industrial city, Kaohsiung is home to skyscrapers and the country’s largest port. With its recent effort to develop tourism industry, this city has focused on beautification of urban landscape, providing even more sightseeing spots for tourists, in addition to its wide array of natural, port, cultural and historical attractions. Taiwan, formerly known as Republic of Formosa, The Beautiful Land, is such a small land (the size of our Pahang state) but has so much to offer. It is a large culture melting pot, combining Hokkien and Hakka folks, and also its many indigenous tribe. The locals are also known to be very courteous and friendly. It’s definitely a good place to visit. The nightmarkets and hawker food is something that shouldn’t be missed. And of course, it’s also a shopping heaven! Local made beauty products and fashion items are very good in quality and yet very affordable. If I have the chance to fly there, I’ll make sure I fly back home with cartons of their famoys face masks. Teehee 😀

  2. I’d like to visit Kaohsiung because this is the city where my best Taiwanese friend stays. When I went to Taiwan in 2013, I was all alone and I was the only international student in the laboratory. Chloe is my Taiwanese senior in the laboratory and she is a really kind and friendly girl. She offered herself to become my tour guide in Kaohsiung since Kaohsiung is her hometown and according to her, she knows Kaohsiung inside out and upside down. We spent 4 days together and we even slept on the same bed in her house, her family was taking good care of me as if I’m another daughter of theirs! I have heard how hospitable and amiable Taiwanese are and Chloe proved me that the saying is verifiable. She showed me around in Kaohsiung and we had so many good food together, Taiwan food is just for me! Ever since then, we became close and intimate friends that I really wish that she is staying in Malaysia so that I can meet her more often. I still remember vividly how Chloe cried helplessly when she sent me off at Taoyuan Airport, that was really heart-breaking!

    Kaohsiung is such a meaningful city to me where the friendship between Chloe and I blossomed. Each of the famous places in Kaohsiung can never fail to remind me of this wonderful friend and I really hope to meet her again in this beautiful city.

    Kaohsiung is such an amazing city,
    With breathtaking natural attractions and mouth-watering local delicacies,
    I fell in love with this city for none of the above reasons,
    It’s because a sweet and wonderful girl named Chloe is living there.
    I’m back to Kaohsiung in my dreams and reveries for countless times,
    And I really wish that one day all my dreams will come true,
    That the two best friends will have a chance to meet again,
    To walk along the Love River side by side again,
    To try peculiar snacks in Rui Feng Night Market again,
    To share a bowl of Mango Ice again,
    To go back to the good old times again.

    Thanks Juniper for this awesome giveaway! Really happy to see that you’re giving away flight tickets to Kaohsiung! *fingers crossed*

  3. I’d like to visit Kaohsiung because I believe this lovely city located in south-western Taiwan, Formosa Island have more for me to discover and adventure! I had been to Taipei back in year 2011 as graduation trip for me and I fell in love with this country. So I hope there is a chance for me to visit another city in Taiwan, which for sure won’t disappoint me.

    Heard about this captivating city so much on what Kaoshing can offer! The Yushan National Park named after Taiwan highest peak, Jade Mountain (Yushan) which is the highest peak in Taiwan with beautiful landscape scenery. Very often we saw the Ferris wheel in front of Dream Mall, that’s the hotspot for many Taiwan Drama. Apart of this, what we can’t missed during a trip to Taiwan are the irresistible delectable street food in the night market! That’s truly FOOD HEAVEN where you do not know how much weight you going to bring back Malaysia.

    One great food I would like to recommend to all is the fish floss in Taiwan. It available easily in southern part of Taiwan, much harder to find in Taipei unless you go to ZhuWei in Taoyuan. Each and everytime I will be asking my friend favour to bring me back this! You won’t believe how great is the fish floss until you have them. Hopefully this time I can bring them home myself!

  4. I’d like to visit Kaohsiung because I am so stressed with my life and I need a getaway to recuperate. It has been 2 weeks that I am sick and haven’t been getting any better. It only got worse each day. Couldn’t even take mc unless I am lying on the floor as works are piling up. Sorry for mumbling here but Thank for such amazing giveaway. I think you are truly the most generous Blogger I came across!

    I have heard so much about the amazing food and places to visit in Kaohsiung but I don’t know if I should believe it since food is the only thing that one can’t bring it back for me to taste. I wonder about the differences of taste there and in Malaysia.

    As for weather, I like to feel something different than the scorching hot weather in Malaysia.Good everyone =) .

  5. Thank you so much for selecting me as the lucky winner!!!! It’s time to plan my trip and catch up with Chloe! Seriously I’m over the moon!