MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation



MAC has just introduced the MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation, the ideation of which came from MAC’s Korean Marketing Team and North Asia who saw the need for a high SPF liquid foundation. This is MAC’s version of the now highly popular serum foundation, versions of which are available at Bobbi Brown and Dior, just to name 2. MAC’s global Senior Artists called for an innovative, fresh and light approach to foundation for backstage and photography. With this in mind, the MAC Research & Development Team introduced a new hydrophobic coated pigment technology.

This new MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation is very different in feel, application, coverage and finish to anything in their portfolio. The challenge was that this formula needed to maintain the lowest viscosity possible for a watery effect, while supporting specific pigments. This is the only formula at MAC that utilizes a pipette (water dropper) delivery system because of its light and watery texture. This balance of ingredients allows the consumer to achieve “real-looking” skin with a perfected satin dry-down finish. The dropper has been formatted to be delicately precise, allowing for one drop at a time.


MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation is suited for all skin types, particularly beneficial for dry mature skins. It has a radiant and not a matte finish. A person with oilier skin can use an oil control lotion to help grab the foundation and keep it cleanly on skin.

Reyo Lim demonstrated the application of MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation on a model during the media launch. Firstly, he prepped skin with Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion. Then he sprayed skin with Prep + Prime Fix+.




I had a makeover with MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation and I have to say this is a super lightweight foundation which feels great on skin. It gives skin a nice, radiant and luminous finish, very natural looking complexion.



MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation retails at RM165 while 196 brush retails at RM159.


  1. wow, you really good with the foundation. The price is really affordable too. MAC sure produce high quality makeup with affordable price that rival many other high end brands