A Timeless Fragrance : Nina Ricci L’Air Du Temps


One of the first fragrances I purchased was Nina Ricci’s iconic L’air Du Temps. The cap with its distinctive intertwined doves was what caught my attention. That coupled with the elegance of the glass bottle was just my kind of fragrance. Of course, liking the flowery scent also helped.

The L’air Du Temps featured here is the Coloured Doves Edition which was launched in 2006 but I’m not sure if it was limited edition. Even the box itself isn’t the normal yellow box but one which has dove silhouettes flying around a bird cage.

As for the Coloured Doves bottle, it’s so pretty because of the gradational pink colour which increases in intensity from the base upwards. This fragrance has notes of sandalwood, Earl Grey tea, cyclamen, lily and white musk.

The original L’air Du Temps was launched in 1948, a few years after WWII and so the doves symbolise peace. Even after I’ve finished using a bottle of this fragrance, I keep the empty bottle around until I’ve found a replacement just because I love the design of the cap.

As EDTs tend to have short staying power, I tend to stay away from them but surprisingly, L’air Du Temps EDT is one of the few EDTs I’ve tried that actually have better staying power than some EDPs I have used before. Even at the end of the day, I can still smell the lingering scent on my skin.