Radiance In A Month : Biotherm’s White D-Tox Translu-Cell Neo-Whitening Serum


Exactly a year ago, I purchased a bottle of Biotherm’s White D-Tox [Bright-Cell] Ultra-Whitening Serum as their whitening serum is among the lowest priced among the counter brands. At the time I bought it, it came with a set of deluxe sized White D-Tox skincare which were good for a fortnight’s usage. Biotherm does have some pretty decent value sets from time to time.

Unfortunately, the White D-Tox [Bright-Cell] Ultra-Whitening Serum didn’t do much for me. When I attended the Biotherm Workshop recently, I had a RM100 voucher to redeem and what better thing to do than to give this serum another go since it came in a new and hopefully improved version, now known as White D-Tox Translu-Cell Neo-Whitening Serum.

By now, all the other products in the White D-Tox [Bright-Cell] range would have been replaced by the White D-Tox Translu-Cell. The shape of the White D-Tox Translu-Cell Serum is different from its predecessor in that the new bottle is rounder but both the new and old serums are in pump bottles.

There are 3 main ingredients in the new White D-Tox Serum and they are:-

(1) Phyto-code seed – able to prevent melanin bio-genesis

(2) Phyto-marine extract – limits melanin flow to skin’s surface

(3) Phyto-plum extract – reduces melanin absorption by epidermal cells.

If memory serves me right, the scent of the new Serum is more or less the same as the previous Serum and there isn’t much difference in the texture either. One pump is enough for both sides of the cheek area. Having used the Serum for a little over a month now (I started using it the day I bought it which was 9/4/11), I am beginning to see a difference in my skin tone.

Before (left cheek)
After (left cheek)

Before (right cheek)

After (right cheek)


As far as spots are concerned, I’m not sure I’m seeing much lightening or fading of the same but what I can see is a certain radiance and clarity of skin tone especially on the left cheek where the pigmentation is more severe.

Because I wanted to see whether this Serum would work well on its own, I have not been using it together with a whitening moisturiser day and night. I’ve been using it in the morning with Estee Lauder’s Time Zone and in the evenings with Biotherm’s Aquasource.

Overall verdict? I have to say I like it better than the White D-Tox [Bright-Cell] Serum because at least I am seeing some positive results within 4-5 weeks of usage. I believe I still have another 2-3 weeks’ usage left in the bottle. It’s RM215 for 30ml, no price increase which is great since a lot of counter brands seem to increase prices when a product is reformulated.


  1. Hello there am Roselle from Belgium. I used once Biotherm White D-Tox Translu-Cell Neo-Whitening Serum but it’s hard to buy this product here. Do you deliver here in Belgium?
    I bought this product before in Singapore.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks alot.