YOKO Spa Salt Shower Bath


dsc_3835On the morning of 11.11, I ordered a tub of YOKO Spa Salt Shower Bath via 11street. There were 12 varieties available but most of them sold out leaving only green apple, papaya, mangosteen and cucumber. Out of these options, I thought mangosteen would be the most unique, retails at RM22.08 on 11street.

To my surprise, the product was already shipped out on 12.11 via Poslaju and I received it yesterday morning. How efficient is that? Wish all online retailers were that speedy. It came nicely bubble wrapped sitting in a box much bigger than was required for the size of the tub. The lid was sealed tightly with cellotape. When I opened the lid, it was further sealed with tin foil.

dsc_3836I thought the scrub would be in loose particles but it was in big, chunky lumps which were easily broken up. I like the texture of the scrub although there isn’t much of a mangosteen scent. Have to be careful not to dampen any of the scrub in the tub.

While I can feel it exfoliates, it doesn’t make my skin super soft and smooth. Not to the extent of Soap & Glory body scrubs but then again, can’t complain as the price of YOKO Spa Salt Shower Bath is low enough.


  1. I think this is much cheaper, like much much cheaper, in Thailand. If you like it enough and thinking of getting more, do not hesitate to let me know! 😉