Wondermama X @ Avenue K



Ever since my review on Wondermama’s flagship restaurant in Bangsar Village 2+ years ago, I have been back there a few more times but have never been to Wondermama X until the Food Adventure less than a fortnight ago. Colourful cushions are placed on the sofa seats and all my Wondermama favourites are on the menu including my coffee jelly drink.

There’s a certain old world charm about Wondermama outlets, they have cleverly combined old with new in the sense that there’re reminders of a bygone era in the décor while the comfortable ambiance is unmistakably modern. The menu has many local favourites such as Nyonya Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak and Nyonya Laksa.

 cham kopi jelly


Cham Kopi Jelly @ RM8.50 is my favourite drink at Wondermama because it comes in a generous serving and it contains kopi jelly. Great refreshment for a humid day as there’s a lot of ice in there but despite that, it doesn’t taste too diluted. Too bad there isn’t a Wondermama near me or I’d be inclined to “bungkus” a few times a week. This drink is a rare treat for me.



Wondermama X was my 1st stop on the Avenue K Food Adventure so although I hadn’t had breakfast, I wanted to start with something light. I ordered the Dancing Squid @ RM15.90. I wanted to have a lot of stomach space left for the rest of my Food Adventure. The day was still long and with 20 eateries on our list, I didn’t want to be so full so early in the day. Dancing Squid is pan-fried squid with butter, cod fish and celery. It comes in such a nice clear glass container. The right choice for me as it’s delicious with a light and aromatic butter taste.

The quality of food and drinks at Wondermama X is uncompromised. I like the ambiance and this would be one of my 1st choices of Avenue K F & B outlets.

Wondermama X is located at G-6 & SAC-G-1 Avenue K.

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