Touch ‘n Go Customer Experience Centre Helped Me More Than Their Careline



dsc_4391After not getting a response to my emails from Touch ‘N Go Careline to my little problem, I decided to go to Touch ‘N Go Customer Experience Centre (CEC). There were 2 outlets I could go to, the first at Bangsar South and the second at Nu Sentral. I preferred the latter as I would have to find my way to the office at Bangsar South whereas I know exactly where Nu Sentral is. The CEC there is on the 2nd Floor.

I was only 2nd in the queue for e-wallet matters and I was served really fast, within less than 5 minutes by such a helpful and nice lady. I explained that I couldn’t remember the PIN number and their system didn’t recognise my chosen security question when I first set up the app. She reset my security question and I was then able to enter a new PIN number. That fast! I was so surprised that she could do all that within a minute when their Careline never bothered to respond after their first email asking me all sorts of questions for verification.

Now I know, any matter relating to Touch ‘N Go, don’t bother to call or email their customer service as it will get me nowhere. Just go directly to the CEC where the problem will be resolved immediately and effectively!