Watsons Happy 24K Make Up Set


dsc_4387I have to hand it to Watsons Malaysia for coming up with festive limited edition makeup sets such as the Joyful and Lucky eyeshadow palettes featured here earlier. Now there’s also the Watsons Happy 24K Make Up Set, available in red and gold. The red is sold out at one outlet I went to while at another outlet, there were only 2 of the red sets left while there were 4 of the gold. Look like people who buy these sets are going for the red brushes. If I were to buy, I would definitely choose the red too.

dsc_4385dsc_4384How much are these fast-selling sets? At the moment, there is a 50% discount so they retail at just RM20.90 but you have to purchase RM20 worth of participating brands (labels are placed next to participating brands). Yes these Watsons Happy 24K Make Up Sets are PWP (purchase with purchase).