Dealing With Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet Makes Me Want To Stick To Traditional Methods Of Payment


screenshot_20190116-091247One evening at the end of last year, I stepped into a bakery in my neighbourhood which was offering 30% discount off its fine cheese cakes. The proprietor was very nice and friendly. After purchasing one of his cheese cakes which by the way, was below RM10 after the discount, he offered me a voucher which would give me RM8 credit on  Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet provided I credit it by 31/12/2018. No problem since I had 24 hours to do so. So I set up the  Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet app on 31/12/2018 and was credited with RM8.

Yesterday, I decided to use it for the first time to top up my prepaid mobile number and to do so, required a PIN number which I’d forgotten but no worries (or so I thought) because I could change my PIN number by answering the security question I’d chosen when I set up the app and the question was the name of my primary school. I remember very clearly that that was the question chosen and not the other questions such as :

What was the brand of your first car?

In what city were you born?

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite Malaysian food? (I’d never choose this question since I have too many answers).

Who is your favourite Malaysian celebrity?

What is your favourite movie?

What is the name of your first company?

What was your childhood nickname?

To change the PIN number, I keyed in the answer to my security question and it didn’t work! I tried again and again and each time, it stated that I only had x number of attempts left so I had to contact the service centre. At first I called them but that call got disconnected as soon as I heard “thank you for calling touchngo care line”.

Next thing to do was to email the tngewallet support people. They replied in a few hours:

Kindly confirm us whether you referring at MyTouchngo portal or TNG App e wallet. Meanwhile, we are keen in assisting you and would appreciate if you can provide us details as below for verification purpose and further assistance:

1- Full name as per IC

2- IC/Passport number

3- Registered contact number

4- Registered email address

5- Current TNG App balance/Last reload amount

6- Date registration of TNG App

7- Card serial number

8- Card type (eg: Plusmiles, 1Malaysia, Watsons, Tesco)

9- Frequent usage location

10-Date and last reload amount

We look forward to receiving your reply soon.

So I replied almost immediately and there’s been no response from them since I sent my reply about 20 hours ago. Seriously, how long does it take them to resolve such a minor issue?

screenshot_20190116-091229Setting up an e-wallet is all about convenience and ease of payment. Actually I had the same problem with my Boost e-wallet yesterday as I’d also forgotten my password and PIN number but that one was quickly resolved as I was able to change both within a few attempts but this Touch ‘n Go e-wallet is becoming a major headache which is why it’s just as well there’s just RM8 in my e-wallet and all of it complimentary. I’d be even more frustrated and pissed off if the e-wallet contained much more. Their system fails to recognise the security question the customer has chosen, then there is something fundamentally wrong with their system. In that case, which customer can change their PIN number if they have forgotten?