Thymos Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray


dsc_5783Two night ago when it was particularly cooler than usual thanks to the persistent rain almost all day I suddenly had a sinus attack as I was trying to sleep. At that time, I did not remember that I had Thymos Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray which could probably help me breathe better. One of my nostrils was severely blocked and I was trying to breathe properly.

dsc_5784Then last night I remembered I had Thymos Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray somewhere and took it out of the bag. This spray relieves nasal irritation and can be sprayed on clothes or the pillow. I sprayed on both and while spraying on my shirt didn’t help as much, spraying on my pillow had a better effect as I could breathe slightly better. Not completely uncongested but definitely better than if I had not used the spray.