The Best Smoked Duck Pasta I’ve Had Is At Yeast

Yeast Bangsar
Yeast Bangsar

If there is one thing that impressed me about Yeast Bangsar over the years, it’s their impeccably polite staff. I’ve only ever been there to buy their baguettes (which disappointed) and chocolate brioche (outstanding) until yesterday afternoon when I was detoured there due to heavy traffic in downtown KL. It seemed like every road into the city was clogged up so there was no choice but to head towards Bangsar in search of lunch since every coffee shop in my neighbourhood was still closed.

As usual, greeted by smiling and hospitable staff at the door. At first, the intention was only to buy a brioche but ended up having lunch there as spending the last hour in heavy traffic and getting nowhere has a starvation effect. They have a special menu for CNY but we stuck to the regular menu.

Flat White
La Gourmet Burger @ RM29
Spicy Duck Pasta @ RM35

Their La Gourmet Burger was so nicely presented on a wooden board with the French Fries and salad separate. I am impressed because tomato sauce is served as the condiment and not chilli sauce. I have lost count of the number of times I always have to ask for tomato sauce when they serve chilli sauce with French Fries. The burger bun was grilled to perfection and the beef patty with caramelized onion was tender. The waitress will even ask you how well you want the patty to be cooked, that’s so thoughtful instead of just making it well done.

My Spicy Duck Pasta was excellent on both quality and quantity. I wasn’t expecting that amount as most times when I order pasta at a restaurant, it’s hardly filling enough but this plate was truly sufficient. As for the taste, not too salty, smoked duck exceedingly tasty without being dry, extra virgin olive oil was obviously premium quality and I so love the mushrooms in this dish.

I have to commend the staff as they are attentive and even asked me how was my meal. Everything about Yeast meets my expectations except for the baguettes which are really not fit to be called baguettes.