Sometimes Blowing Off Some Steam Works!



Although I wouldn’t be the first person to advocate ranting about an issue that pissed me off on Facebook or this blog, there are some things which really get my goat. It’s when things that were promised to me aren’t fulfilled. On many occasions, I have, to borrow that unforgettable song from Queen Elsa, let it go since I can’t be tortured by every single minor (or for that matter major) broken promise. It’s enough for me to make a mental note never to purchase from some brands again since they clearly don’t deserve my business. The list is getting longer by the day, by the way. Once the damage has been done, there’s nothing one can do to repair the cracks.

Anyway, for those of you who have read my previous posts on my undelivered complimentary Style magazine from Astro, I received their latest replay yesterday:-

“We refer to your recent email in regard to Astro magazine.

Please be informed that, Astro will be delivering Style magazine for December and January edition by courier and you will able to receive them by Wednesday. Also, for future Style magazines will be sent from February 2105 till April 2015.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Your understanding and patient is very much appreciated.”

So they had the December 2014 magazine after all and for some reason I am unable to fathom, I was left out of their mailing list. Yes, sometimes letting off some steam on social media helps. I was about to give up since there’s nothing I can do, not like I can force them to let me have the magazine. Furthermore, it’s only a magazine so I was also ready to let it go if I didn’t get their reply.


  1. I totally understand how you feel, when they don’t deliver their promise. I was pretty pissed off at a renowned website selling luxury bags and accessories. They held a contest and I was given vouchers that are not usable due to some technical problems. Wrote to them several and they didn’t reply until two weeks later (their customer service promised to reply within 48hrs to all inquiries). By the time they replied, the vouchers were close to expiration. And their reply to the problem sort of indirectly saying that I’m the only one with the problem and they found no problems with the vouchers at all. And somemore saying they are not gonna extend the validity period. I replied to their email, and I suspect they were ignoring my emails. I had to “conteng” on their facebook page, and immediately i got reply. It took weeks to solve the problem. Never felt so angry at any online shop before. Terrible customer service (perhaps it’s just only that girl) and it’s a big “PANTANG” to treat customers like an idiot. Sorry for ranting xD

    • No need to apologise as you aren’t ranting at all, just sharing your experience. I thought I was the only one who’d experienced such poor customer service. Nowadays when they say they will revert to your enquiry/complaint within 48 hours, it normally takes a week minimum. Mine wasn’t even a complicated matter, so straightforward. Maybe my expectations are too high.

    • They are quite smart actually, because they know most customers tend to give up pursuing on the issue, especially on free/complimentary stuffs or services. After some time, most people like you and me would give up and “tak apa lah, it doesn’t worth much anyway”. So by ignoring, they can save a lot of trouble. We shouldn’t give up so easily because it’s our rights as a consumer.

  2. I have several bad issues with those sales girl treating me like some dirt just because I am not spending hundreds of RM. When I complained, there was no replied at all. I guess they need me to put it up on social issues. I feel bad being treated so badly and only customers who shouted at sales girl will be treated well. Maybe I look too kind so these sales girl tend to just pass me off as some lower than dirt.