Soap Villa’s Cold Process Soaps


One of the exhibitors at the Thailand Trade Show was Soap Villa which specialises in natural, chemical-free and cold processed soaps. Their soaps come in 2 sizes, 100g bars or cute and tiny 25g bars like soaps provided by hotels. The 25g soaps were sold in a set of 5 (priced at RM20)contained within a long box, perfect as a gift. I was allowed to take out the soaps I didn’t want and replace them with soaps from a different box. Each soap is wrapped tightly in cling film.

Soap Villa’s soaps cater to different skin types, normal, combination, oily, mature, damaged and dry. Natural bran oil is the main ingredient in their recipe containing rich natural Vitamin E which has high moisturuzing properties. The soaps also contain coconut oil, herbs, essential oils and extracts.

Being natural and chemical-free soaps, I didn’t expect much lather from them but they provided more than decent lather especially the Shampoo Bars which were surprisingly delightful to use as they caused minimal hair fall-out. They weren’t harsh on my hair and gave a good cleanse to my scalp and hair.

L to R – Licorice, Lemongrass, Tomato, Kafir Lime, Butterfly Pea

The soaps are so fragrant in the box and it took me some time to open them up and use them because I’d sniff them once in a while. Nevertheless, the scent is quite slight when actually used. While the hand/body soaps (Tomato, Lemongrass and Licorice) last 5 days, the Shampoo Bars are good for 3 shampoos. I found the hand/body soaps tended to be less soft and mushy than the Shampoo Bars.

These soaps will definitely be part of my shopping haul the next time I am in Bangkok. They are available at Project 8, Soi 14/2, Block 089 Chatuchak Market. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find them as Chatuchak is like a maze.