Shiseido Revital Lifting Mask Science EX


There are masks which are so easy to use and masks which are so tricky. The Revital Lifting Mask Science EX belongs in the latter category. This anti-aging mask is for firming and lifting skin, focusing on three areas where skin tends to sag.

It’s a two-part mask with the first part for the upper half of the face and the second part for the lower portion of the face. When I opened the first half, I found a very saturated mask, quite sticky to the touch but placing the first mask on the upper portion of my face was easy.

The problem was with the second part of the mask which I couldn’t quite get the hang of. I’d unfolded it in its entirety whereas what I should have done was (as per instructions) first adjust the mask so that the nose and mouth openings are correctly aligned, smooth over the cheeks, along the jaw line and under the chin.

Then I should have detached the flap from the right side of the mask by pulling while holding the mask with the other hand. After that, I’d have to pull the flap end upward along the jaw line and to the ear while using one hand to firmly keep it in place and repeat on the other side. Confused yet? I am and I haven’t yet figured it out after incorrectly using this mask the first time round.

Okay, I admit I’m not great at reading instructions and I’m a klutz but who knew that using a sheet mask would require so much effort? If I knew it was going to be this complicated, I’d have dashed to my nearest Shiseido counter which also happens to be my favourite, for some assistance.

Notwishstanding the fact that I kind of overlapped the two halves and it didn’t quite cover my jaw line and under my chin, I had it on for half an hour (10 minutes is the recommended time but this mask is expensive) and when I removed it, my skin actually looked firmer but it’s not going to be a long-term effect unless I continue using this mask week after week.

The mask has flaps to cover the eyes, it doesn’t have a thin texture but it is chock-full of serum. It wasn’t easy readjusting the mask once it was placed on my face because of the stickiness. It’s formulated with Cassumunar extract G, collagen complex and SC Revitalizer.

I have a second mask to try out but this time, I am heading for the said Shiseido counter for help. I’m not about to repeat the same mistake twice. The mask comes in a pack of 6 at RM330.

Note : The masks were provided by Shiseido’s PR.