Senzues Body Lotion



A few months ago while browsing at Guardian KLCC, I’d spotted the range of Senzues Body Lotion. Packaging is white with different lines of colour to denote the different ranges like Nightactive, Lumibright, Hydracool, Cellactivate and Hydrafirm. Each range has different functions and results, for example Nightactive is for dry skin and has higher reparative properties than the other ranges.

The products are developed with the expertise of CODIF Recherché et Nature, France. At the heart of the products is REGENE+™, a perfected formula by Oregene Laboratories International Inc. combining the extracts of Actinidia Polygama fruit, a traditional Asian remedy cultivated in the mountainous areas of Japan, with a marine extract from the Mediterranean Sea.



While I was at Guardian Pavilion yesterday evening, I tried Hydracool which is for sun protection. It contains a non-irritant sunscreen with SPF20 to provide broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays. It is light and provides an immediate soothing and cooling sensation which lasts a few seconds after it’s been massaged on to skin. Ideal for hot and humid weather which means every day.

The products come in 3 sizes – 60ml, 200ml and 350ml. Available at Guardian and Caring pharmacies.