A Sampling Of The World Renowned Famous Japanese Fruits


20220906_143334During the launch of the “Japanese Fruit. The Ultimate Gift.” Campaign recently, media and guests were treated to a platter of peach and grapes. The peach was sweet and juicy as were the green grapes. The purple grapes were a bit sour but all the grapes were big. I’ve seen Japanese fruits on the shelves in some supermarkets and they’re pricey. However, now I know that they are worth the price, for those who can afford it.

Japanese fruits are seasonal, for example strawberries are from December to May, Fuji Apples are from September to November while Japanese Peaches are from June to September. There are about 2000 types of apples and 300 types of strawberries in Japan. Half the types of strawberries in the world come from Japan. The famous white strawberry has a hefty price tag at USD10/1000 yen/RM31 per strawberry. You can have a whole main course of chicken at that kind of price. But I am sure there are plenty of strawberry connoisseurs willing to pay to enjoy premium Japanese fruits.

The “Japanese Fruit. The Ultimate Gift.” Campaign is part of the Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center’s (JFOODO) efforts to promote the gifting of Japanese fruits especially during Malaysia’s year-round festive celebrations.