Precious Ingredients From Around The World : L’occitane La Collection de Grasse



Grasse is the well known world capital of perfumery. If you are looking for a precious ingredient for scent, you are more likely to find it in Grasse than anywhere else in Europe. Since 1614, Grasse has been the center for perfumers to cultivate fragrant plants and invent new extraction methods. Local growers learned to cultivate jasmine, rose, orange blossom and violet. The more adventurous perfumers headed out to the Far East in search of magnolia or to Madagascar in search of vanilla. At the end of the 18th century, it was an undeniable fact that Europe drew its essences from Grasse.

When you consider the ingredients that have gone into the creation of L’occitane’s La Collection de Grasse, the price of the products may not seem so unjustified as L’occitane has sourced the ingredients from all corners of the world. Take the Jasmine & Bergamot products as an example. 2 types of jasmine have been used – one from Grasse and the other from Egypt – while the bergamot essential oil is from Italy.


The Jasmine & Bergamot Shower Gel is quite runny so I have to be careful not to pour out too much. A fine and very soft lather is created, the scent of jasmine is heady but it is tempered with a bit of spiciness from the base notes of sandalwood and cedar. The Shower Gel retails at RM62/175ml.


Not many people I know like the scent of vanilla as it’s a scent we associate with baking. I am not a huge fan of the vanilla scent in bodycare products but I don’t mind it either. Despite the presence of florals like bergamot, narcissus and gardenia, the Vanilla & Narcissus Body Milk smells strongly and predominantly of vanilla. The Body Milk can be considered economical as I don’t need much for applying all over my body after my shower. Hours later, I can still smell a hint of vanilla on my skin. The Body Milk retails at RM82/175ml.

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