Posh & Pink : La Colline Cellular Face Energizing Collagen Mask


This is undoubtedly the poshest sheet mask I’ve ever used. It’s part of the La Colline Skin•ology Facial Cellular Anti-Aging Programme. The mask is made of pure native collagen impregnated with powerful regenerating active ingredients and functions as an intensive energizing and revitalizing skincare treatment.

The packaging is far longer than is necessary to fit the mask. As the mask is saturated with 35ml of Precursor Complex, it is super-duper moist, make that dripping wet. It was so wet that when I pulled it out, some of the precious Precursor Complex dripped on to the table.

The texture is not that thin but it is fragile. I must have tore a little section even before I’d put it on my face. It’s best to lie down for 30 minutes with the mask on for the following reasons:-

(1) It doesn’t fit well especially the lower half if I am sitting down;

(2) There are hardly any eye slits so I believe it’s intended to cover the eyes as well and the nose slit was also too small.

(3) The instructions state that the mask should be in perfect contact with the skin and to lean back in a comfortable chair with the head tilted back.

Even as I was lying down, I could feel drops of the Precursor Complex dripping on to my neck. It felt very cooling and moisturising for the half an hour I had the mask on. The mask was still very wet after it was taken off and I wiped the mask on my neck and decolletage area.

The Pink Mask

As this isn’t your average sheet mask (it has a gelled nonwoven surface), I expected to see instant results but my skin didn’t look much different from before. The residue Precursor Complex on my face dried up very quickly and my skin didn’t feel more supple or firmer.

The mask contains an original combination of natural ginkgo biloba and sage extracts to stimulate the microcirculation and moisturizing active ingredients (native collagen, hyaluronic acid and an algae extract) to reorganize te skin’s hydro-regulating process and replenish the tissues’ water content.

Note : This mask was provided by Sasa during the launch of the La Colline Cellular Re-energizing Treatment. Price is unavailable and I’ve not sighted it at any Sasa outlets.