The Plant That Always Comes Back To Life : My Gloxinia Blooms Again


dsc_9611One of the nicest feelings one can have as an amateur gardener is watching flowers bloom especially when they have not bloomed for a long time. This is the case with my gloxinia which I really love as the bloom can be quite big and it just looks wonderful. Sometimes the entire plant looks like it’s dead as the leaves go black but the incredible aspect about this plant is that after a few days, it comes back to life with small green leaves sprouting.

The nursery I visit near my house sometimes has gloxinias sold at RM15 per pot but they sell out fast. I only put the pots under morning sunlight as afternoon sunlight is too much for these delicate plants. I also make sure not to get the leaves wet as I read online that one should only water the soil. I am happy to see more buds on this pot as the velvety purple flowers are so lovely.