Kettle & Toaster From Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Designed ‘Sicily Is My Love’ Collection


dsc_9498I don’t think I have seen a kettle and toaster as expensive as the ones in Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Designed ‘Sicily Is My Love’ Collection, available at Harvey Norman. They cost more than 10x what the average kettle and toaster costs but the designs are extremely beautiful. In fact I wonder if anyone who has the money to splurge on them would ever use them or leave them around the house as decorative pieces so that visitors can gawk at it.


The kettle has an eye-catching floral design with citrus fruit motifs. It looks very cheerful and summery. The toaster is equally (if not more) gorgeous with birds and sailing boats on a red background. I wonder if Harvey Norman has sold any units. I can appreciate the beauty of the kitchen appliances but at that kind of price, I think one can use that money to buy (a few) more normal non-designer items in Harvey Norman or elsewhere.