Sometimes There Are Bargains In Stores Better Than Online


dsc_9610While there are usually some bargains to be had online, there can sometimes be a few surprise discounted items in stores. I was on my way out of Guardian Mid Valley yesterday evening after paying and came across Swisspers Facial Wipes heavily discounted. The original price is RM16.90 per pack of 25 wipes but the price is now RM3. There are a few variants – coconut oil, green tea and aloe vera. The cucumber variant had sold out. There was only 1 pack of coconut oil left so I grabbed that and 2 packs of green tea.

I have never tried these before as I always thought the price was a bit steep for 25 wipes. These should be good as they can wipe away waterproof makeup, very convenient to have around especially during our frequent water cuts.