Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel



Although I don’t have an overall oily skin, I do suffer from an oily T-zone which is why I should probably be using 2 moisturisers – one to address the problem of dry cheeks and another to tackle the overproduction of sebum on the T-zone area.

Along comes Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel which upon application, absorbs oil instantly. I can feel the areas on which it has been applied become matte and this is such a lightweight gel that it has no problems with immediate absorption into skin.


It contains the following key ingredients and benefits:-

  • Activated Zinc and Avocado Extract – absorb excess oil resulting in a matte appearance.
  • Nano Glacier Water – penetrates deep into skin and provides 24 hour hydration for a moisturized and supple skin.
  • Evermat – prevents pores from clogging while at the same time helps refine pores size thus controlling sebum secretion of the skin.
  • Natural Menthol Extract – provides a cooling and refreshing feel.

While this moisturizer may not be hydrating enough for my predominantly dry skin, it is sufficient for my T-zone. It can also be used over make-up.

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel retails at RM16.90/30g.

Product reviewed has been provided by Mentholatum Malaysia.