One Sold Every 30 Seconds Worldwide


We all know that Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack_EX is a world famous product and although almost every Korean beauty brand has its own version of this Laneige bestseller, personally I’d choose Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX over other versions any time as I find that it really works for me.

My primary skincare concern is aging which means I am always on the look-out for any skincare that can decrease/prevent fine lines/wrinkles and increase skin elasticity/firmness. Even hyperpigmentation is a minor concern compared to aging since I can live with a few spots here and there but fine lines can become deep lines if left untreated.

Whilst in Hong Kong, I went to many Sasa outlets. I think I stepped into every single one I came across but I only purchased one item from Sasa and no, the product which is the subject of this review is not from Sasa. I purchased Laneige’s (relatively?) new product, Firming Sleeping Pack from a Bonjour outlet. Though more cramped and smaller than Sasa outlets there, I liked browsing at Bonjour as they had so many skincare products but I don’t know if they are cheaper than at the respective beauty counters because I couldn’t be bothered to check.

When I saw Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack, I didn’t even think twice. I had to have it as I knew it wasn’t available in Malaysia yet and I don’t know if it will be. It is a smaller size than the Water Sleeping Pack_EX, only 50ml compared to Water Sleeping Pack_EX’s 80ml.

The Firming Sleeping Pack is part of Laneige’s Special Care range and takes care of your Sleep Line, the potential wrinkles that are formed while you sleep. Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack promises to relieve skin wrinkles and fortify skin barriers by preventing skin damage during daytime.

According to Laneige, sleep time is known as the most important part of the day when you are relieved from fatigue. But the skin is in its strongest physical state for the longest time while your body is relieved. The sleep line that you see on your face in the morning can develop into potential wrinkles. Apparently, skin damage during daytime contributes to the formation of sleep line. Sounds like the right product for me as I do have sleep lines in the mornings but I never knew until I read the above that they are wrinkle-forming.

The tub of Firming Sleeping Pack comes with a spatula and just as well as it’s harder to scoop up this product than the Water Sleeping Pack_EX because the Firming Sleeping Pack gel is harder and more dense in texture than the Water Sleeping Pack_EX which can be easily scooped up with fingers.

When I first used the Firming Sleeping Pack, I was surprised at how different the texture was from the Water Sleeping Pack_EX. Initially, I used my fingers to scoop up the product but every time I did so, some of the product dropped on to the floor or sink. Such wastage! Then I got smart and started using the plastic spatula with the scooped end, much better. The spatula is perfectly designed to scoop out just the right amount needed.

Laneige’s official website states that one Firming Sleeping Pack is sold every 30 seconds worldwide. That’s 120 jars per hour and 2880 jars per day, rather impressive for a new product. This gel has a bouncy feel to it and the remarkable feature of the Firming Sleeping Pack is that when you scoop out some of it, the surface reshapes back into a smooth surface within 20 seconds or less. No dent at all, looks as good as new.

Although it appears lumpy and firm on the spatula, it is very easy to spread out on my face. It gives a slightly cool sensation as it melts on to my face. It isn’t as filmy as the Water Sleeping Pack_EX and I find that the Firming Sleeping Pack dries faster and has a slight tightening effect. It doesn’t feel as hydrating as the Water Sleeping Pack_EX but then again, the main purpose of the Firming Sleeping Pack isn’t for hydration.

It contains Sleepscent™ developed by Amore Pacific’s independent technology for the deep relaxation of skin fatigue. The scent is quite different from the Water Sleeping Pack_EX. Must be quite effective because I fall asleep within seconds every time I have the Firming Sleeping Pack on. It doesn’t stain my pillow and there is no slippery feel on my skin in the morning. I haven’t seen any sleep lines either whenever I use the Firming Sleeping Pack.

Sometimes I do apply two layers of the Firming Sleeping Pack for added/extra concentration. I like this one and would repurchase if I can find it here or elsewhere on my travels. Firming Sleeping Pack retails at HKD165 (which converts to approximately RM66) at Bonjour but could be more expensive at the Laneige counters in Hong Kong. If it was available here, I doubt it’d be cheaper than RM90.