Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment


dsc_5215Given the amount of daily stress our skin is exposed to, sleep is the best time to repair and rejuvenate skin. That’s why we all need our beauty sleep and it’d be better for skin if we slept before 11pm but how many of us actually do so especially those of us who are glued to our mobile devices? Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment is designed to work on our skin as we sleep. It’s the solution for lines and wrinkles, dryness and dehydration, dullness, loss of radiance and rough texture.

This treatment is to be applied AFTER moisturiser so it’s not a serum as such. This is a chronopeptide (anti-aging peptide) and tri-enzyme treatment (purified from red and green micro-algae) which supports natural repair combined with encapsulated aroma technology to prepare for a deep, restful sleep for healthier looking skin in the morning.

The scent of this treatment is rather unique and amazing, you will want to smell it as long as possible as it’s so relaxing. It’s a combination of:

VIOLET delicate soothing, brings comfort to the mind

CEDARWOOD earthy aroma, helps elevate mood to calm the mind , relax and overcome stress

LEMON purifies and cleanses. Helps lift the day’s tension to invite happiness and positive energy.

The treatment has a patent pending aroma technology which has shown in clinical trials to enhance sleep quality. It goes beyond traditional aromatherapy and marries the science of sleep with the power of scent. After applying this treatment, I have fallen asleep within a minute of closing my eyes and awaken to more rested skin.