MAC Metal-X Cream Shadows


MAC’s Metal-X Cream Shadows have been available at MAC outlets in the Klang Valley since the beginning of last week which is remarkable given the fact that they weren’t featured on MAC’s official website as of Christmas Day but it’s now up.

They are indeed very creamy to the touch and there are some beautiful and almost irresistible colours. I almost purchased one but I was undecided between 3 choices so I’m taking some time to think about them.

Although there are 9 shades, I only saw 7 at the Pavilion outlet. These are the 7 shades in the order in which they were swatched:-

1) Red Hot Copper – Warm copper

2) Venetian Tarnish – Golden tarnished bronze

3) Cyber – Metallic silver with silver pearl

4) Fusion Gold – Light pinky beige with gold pearl

5) Gold Carbon – Metallic taupe

6) Vintage Coin – Metallic olive green

7) Palladium – Metallic ash

Apparently, Cyber is the current bestselling shade at Pavilion and it’s easy to see why as it’s the only shade with shimmer and can be used on its own or as a base for powder shadows. It can be paired with blues or silvers.

As I haven’t tried them on my lids, I can’t comment on their staying power or whether they will crease. These cream textured shadows are not exactly new to MAC as they came out a few years ago but as I also didn’t try them back then, I can’t comment on whether the formulations have improved.

Each Metal-X Shadow is 2.4g/RM83.