Lancome Rouge In Love In Bubbly Beige


After the Lancome Rouge In Love Bloggers’ Party last week, each of the invitees was given a random Rouge In Love lipstick. Mine is 272N otherwise known as “Bubbly Beige”, not a shade I would purchase as I am more partial towards brighter rose hues.

Each lipstick has 3 numbers followed by either “M”, “B” or “N” for “Matins” (for morning wear), “Boudoir” (for the cocktail hour) and “Night” (for evening wear). I like the lipstick case as it is short, compact and looks more expensive than it actually is. You can never go wrong with a silver case for lipstick as it speaks of elegance and has a sleek feel.

The Rouge In Love lipsticks contain nourishing and repairing oils so it does feel very comfortable and moisturising. It’s so lightweight that it gives me a “barely-there” feeling. There is a glossiness to the lipstick and I don’t feel the need to slick on lip gloss on top of it.

I don’t know why 272N is regarded as a lipstick for evening though as I think it’s definitely suitable for day wear since it is such a natural looking shade. A perfect shade for people who don’t like bright lipstick colours and prefer to keep the lip shade neutral.

Although I only got 2 hours of wear without fading (for this particular shade anyway), full credit to Lancome for producing a lippie that doesn’t transfer on to my cup. I really dislike lippies which leave stains all over cup rims. The lipsticks offer medium to full coverage and I think they are well worth the price for the quality.

No, 272N wouldn’t have been my top 10 choices of Rouge In Love but it is a shade that I could grow find of, given time. During the Bloggers’ Party, one of the Lancome Beauty Advisors applied 375M on me (seen below) which is the same shade worn by Emma Watson in the promo ads. Now this one, I really like as I think it’s such a cheerful and pretty shade.

Lancome Rouge In Love lipsticks are 4.2ml/RM75 each,