Lancome Huile Éclat


Another product I picked up from the last L’oreal Friends & Family sale and am currently using is Lancome Huile Éclat, a deep cleansing oil for face & eyes. I’ve used this one before and thought it was quite effective in cleansing everything from my face.

Enriched with White Lotus & Rose de France, this one has a strong scent which may not appeal to everyone. The oil itself is thick but each pump doesn’t dispense that much so I need about 5 pumps to thoroughly cleanse eye make-up and the rest.

As with most cleansing oils, this one is to be used on a dry face followed by warm water little by little. The only issue I have with this cleansing oil is that if I use it to cleanse eye make-up, it leaves an oily film on my eyelids and makes my vision cloudy. I’d rather not use it directly on my eyes. Otherwise this is a better than average cleansing oil.

Normal retail price is RM110/200ml but I got it for RM40.