Lancôme Advanced Genefique



No doubt everyone of you have heard of or used Lancôme Advanced Genefique at one time or another as the 1st step to your skincare ritual. This is a pre-serum which enhances the efficacy of other skincare and although some may be of the opinion that a pre-serum isn’t necessary, Lancôme Advanced Genefique has worked well for me every time I’ve started using it again.

The applicator instantly fills up with just the right amount of product every time the cap is locked back. It absorbs instantly into my skin and upon absorption, my skin becomes softer and more supple. It doesn’t take long before more positive results can be seen. Within a week, I can see that my skin’s more luminous and less dull.



Lancôme reveals a new facet of Advanced Génifique : by improving the structure of the skin surface, Advanced Génifique reactivates the skin’s luminosity. Over time, skin regains more luminosity and I find that it’s also improved skin hydration.

Lancôme Advanced Genifique 50ML is RM381.60 and 75ML is RM514.10 inclusive of GST

Product reviewed is a press sample.


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